Tiffin Facilities

Nutritious Tiffin is provided to the students of the K.G. & Std. I to VII Classes, Children may carry their own box if they do not want to avail of the canteen facility. Care is taken to ensure that they do not waste food and consume according to their capacity.


In our School we have good library in which books are available for Std. K.G. to 12th. Many informative books such as G.K. books, Quiz Books, Story books of famous author in English, Hindi, & Gujarati. Many reference books related to different subjects. Each class has one period for Library in a week.

R.O.Water System

Pure drinking water facility through R.O water system is available for all the members of Harishewa to keep them healthy & hygienic.

Science Lab Facilities

In Science Lab there are tools, Chemicals, Microscope, equipments etc. are available. Students of Std. 5th to 10th prepare their practical Science experiment & project in Sci. lab. under the guidance of science teachers.

C.C.T.V. Camera Facilities

As per advance technology we have CCTV Camera facility to visualize the view of full school & keep in touch with all activities held in school daily through T.V. which is kept in Principal’s Office.

Automatic Electric Bells

We have Automatic electric bell facility which rings according to time set for all the periods which keeps accuracy & perfectness in timings.

Computer Lab Facilities

Practical Computer classes are held in two computer lab from std. 1 to 12. We have 40 computers in our lab. We also have Internet facility for students to get details of any subject as per their requirements.

Printer & Zerox Machine Facilities

We have well equipped examination room with xerox machine & printer. All Question papers are prepared in the school itself.


Video Visual Facility

In K. G. Section, students are taught and shown video clip & pictures of Alphabet, Poem, Vocabulary, Story etc. to learn and memorize.

Other Facilities

We have a playground where M.P.T, and other activities are conducted. We also have a Seminar hall which is utilized for different functions.

Iken Class Facilities

With the aim to carry out easy teaching learning process in the school, Digital lab was set up by Mrs. & Mr. Notani in the month of July. The Teaching learning process was started in the month of August. Few teachers of our school were trained by the experts of Mexus Education Institute. The training was imparted to the teachers by the experts so that teachers can efficiently and effectively operate the digital system and hence expertise the system easily. Digital system in the form of Audio-Visual aid was first utilized for the classes 7th, 8th and 9th. Main subjects viz. Maths, Science, English, S.S. were taught using digital system.