Latest Events:

Science Project

A science project competition was help on 10 Aug, 2018 at Bal Bhawan. Three students (girls) from std VI to VIII participated. The objective behind this competition was to bring out the hidden talents of students and with a focus of creating more awareness of science and technology. Incharge teachers was Nisha Bhatia _______ . It was a captivating competition. Students participated whole heartedly.

                                                                                                  Nisha Bhatia 

  • A Science and Math’s competition was held on 11 Sept, 2018 at CRC level. Students of Std. VIII participated and the topic was vacuum cleaner coach. Incharge teacher was Mrs. Nisha Bhatia. Students and teachers were given appreciation certificate.
  • A national Science seminar was held at science community center on 16 July, 2018 where students of Std X- Diya Chandwani gave a nice speech on “Industrial Revolution 4.0: Are we prepared” (Incharge Teacher : Asnani Deepa M.).
  • A science working model making competition was held at Bal Bhavan on 10 Aug, 2018 where students of Std X made a model on conduction of water and minerals in tall trees. Students: Vasnani Dipesh, Chainani Sujal (Incharge Teacher : Asnani Deepa M.).
  • A GCERT science and math’s exhibition was held at Narayan International school on 18 Sept, 2018 where students of Std X Bhagchandani Mahek and Mangtani Harsh presented a model on “Water conservation and drip irrigation” (Incharge Teacher : Asnani Deepa M.).
  • Career counseling is a process that will help you to know and understand yourself and the world of work in order to make career, educational and life decisions. There are a number of factors that influence your career development, including your interest abilities, values, personality, background and circumstances. Our school every year arranged such a programmes for students of secondary and higher secondary to discover where their talent les and align it with their potential and area of interest.

Date: Relaxation Techniques by Pooja Aga

            Motivational speech by U. Will

            Career counseling on company secretary by Raju Dubey

            Career counseling by Dipti Kupacha from Parul University

            Career counseling by M/s Amrta Trivedi

Oral Health and Hygiene

A seminar on Oral Hygiene was conducted in school memorial hall on 28thJuly 2018, Saturday by Dr. Khatwani. Students from std VI to XI attended the programme. The main objective of the session was to provide basic dental health education to the students and motivate dental hygiene maintenance. The doctors through presentations and practical examples made the session very interesting and educational. Students whole heartedly participated with great zeal and enthusiasm. 

                                                                                                                        [Rashmi Birjani]

Essay Competition

An Essay Competition was organized by TATA BUILDING INDIA at Hari Shewa Ishwaribhai Baxani English Academy School. Students from standard VI to XII participated in this competition. Mrs. Hema Chandwani Madam was the in charge of this competition. Timing of the competition was 9: 30 to 10: 00 am and was held on 29th November 2018.

The main purpose of this competition was to set up a goal for all the students to work with dedication, integrity and commitment. It was an amazing experience for all the students to participate in this competition. The students were awarded with certificate of appreciation and the first 3 winners were awarded with medals, notebooks and certificate.

Educational Trip

On 29th October the students of class 11th had gone to Parul University. Their they had visited Law department, Fine arts department etc. under fine art they had also covered interior designer. The law professor had explained the students about the course and its future utility. The human resources development professor explained the students about the important of the course for the society and the different government post it is given. Students also got knowledge about business management.

Bal Bhavan

Bal Bhavan Successfully conducted an inter school quiz content in their campus on 7th July 2018(8:30) in which our four students participated from std 7th and 8th. The participants had to go through mind blogging rounds consisting of W%H questions related to History, Literature, Geography, who’s, who ,world events, cinema, technology etc. It was very informative and knowledge enriching competition. The aim was to learn as well as exhibit their knowledge and potential.

Nisha Chhatani.

Guru Purnima Celebration

Every year in the month of Ashadh on 3rd July we celebration of Guru Purnima in our school with reverence and devotion. The celebration started in the assembly with prayers and by the Arti of maa sarswatiji. Students of std I to XII participated.

Amita Subudhi.

International Yoga day

Our school observed international yoga day on 21st June by organising full-fledged yoga session for the students from pre-primary performed various asana. This event was also attended by our principal mam, Vice principal sir and staff of the school. They were made aware of the yoga on daily life. Different asana were demonstrated under the guidance of Sheetal mam, the yoga instructor.the main aim was to raise awareness and ignite a passion for fitness and among Amita Subudhi and Students.

Coloring and Handwriting

Coloring and Handwriting competition was organized in our school by  World child Art and mother Teresa children Development society on 13/6 and 23rd June  respectively at school premises. Participant were students of lower kg to std IX

Results of winners of world Art child

  1. Gupta Swechchha       IV
  2. Kanchan P Navani VI
  3. Jaswani Muskan           III
  4. Dodeja urvashi I

Got trophy and certificate and others got participant certificate

Objective was to enhance creativity skills in students in charge teaches were  Neerja Chube and  Jyoti Sani Art and craft teacher. It was attractive and students Participated  whole heartedly  with zeal

Results of Mother Teresa

Coloring competition

  1. Chawda Priyanshu Chirag             sr kg A
  2. Nathwani Riya III A
  3. Sharma Mamta Vijay VIA
  4. Daryani Nisha IX A

Handwriting Competition

  1. Karra Disha VIIIA


M.R. Vaccination programmed was organed in our school by Gujarat Government on 19/07/18 by participated in this campaign. It’s purpose was to mate our country free from rubella virus. The campaign aims to cover the maximum students.

This campaign started at 8: am to 12 : am the student were given breakfast before the vaccination was given we also arrange video in observation room for the students ,so they would not get afraid  of it,  was a successful campaign.

 Mehta Manju

Field Trip to Historical Temple of Gujarat

This year we organized an education tour to different historical temple of Gujarat . it was a one day trip.

Std  I to II : Tapovan   29th October

Std  III to IV : BAPS Shri Swaminarayan mandir (Atladara) 29th October        

Std  V to VI : Surya Mandir (Borsad) 30th October

Std  VII to VIII : Jalaram mandir  (Dormaj ,Anand) 30th October

Students were all curious to witness these monumental evidence with the rich resources. Students were energized by the excitement and anticipation of leaving the school environment. Students got an opportunity to see new things and learnt about them in move instructed way.

Eco friendly Ganesha

Our students participated in the bache bole morya campaign by making eco friendly Ganesh Idol along with a creative slogan  on road safety on 3*3 cm, cardboard. This ido; was donated and exhibited on 9th September at trascube mall and it was distributed to the leading Ganesh Pandals of Vadodara. It took hard work for our students to prepare Ganesha  idol size of 1.5 ft but it was a learning experience and a new activity to Participate. The campaign was launched by chhatra sensed in association with Vadodara city police Traffic police and Radio Mirchi.


Recitation competition was organized on for the students of Std I to V, Beauty is the realm  of poetry, children enjoy the beauty of  expression, thought feeling ,rhyme, rhythm and music of words. Taking all these facts into consideration the children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The competition inspired the children to  come forward and recite on stage. winners were award with prizes.

Bhajan compition

Bhajan Competition was organized on 14th July at school premises on death anniversary of Baba Hariram  Sahib to imbibe spiritual values among students. Participants were students of Std VI to VIII. The presentation from each students spellbound the environment with a spirituality .The winners were awarded prizes.

Academic Excellence Award Function

It was an honor  to arrange academic excellence  award function on 18th June at seminar hall for meritorious students who have achieved academic excellence in std X and XII . it was spectacular movement for both  the school and students. Students were awarded with cash prize and throphy.

PTA Meeting (2018-19)

PTA Meeting was organized on 23rd and 25th June 2018. The main purpose of meeting was to discuss the performance of students with their parents. Parents were given feedback on their  ward’s performance in formative and summative assessment. The interaction between the   teachers and parents for the development of them children, strengths and areas of improvement progress of students depends on the joint effort  of parents and teachers.

Drawing Competition on Beat Plastic Pollution

Gujarat Ecology Commission  Organized drawing competition on 27th may 2018 as a part of world environment day celebration. The competition was on beat plastic pollution, the them of  this year’s world environment  day. Drawing competition was held at Alembic school Vadodara.   More  than 1000 students participated in the competition. Our school student also participated and was given certificate.

Navratri Celebration

Navratri was celebrated on Tuesday 9th October in Assembly with a unique way.

Students of pre-primary participated with joy.The celebration started with the beats

Of Garbhas.Arti dedicated to Goddess Durga students camein traditional dresses.

All of them celebrated the days with joy and cheer. It was a colourful show with teachers

Joining the students enthusiastically in thir dance.

The Garbha celebration was indeed a great events.\     

Yellow Day

Pre -Primary Section celebrated yellow day  on 28th Sept 2018 . With an objective to recapitulate and reinforce of yellow colour .A day dedicated to the yellow colour was marked with children dressed in different hues and tints of yellow. Children were not only beautifully dressed in their favourite yellow dresses but also brought yellow objects to make it a complete “Yellow Day”!Focusing on the theme lemons, mangoes, pineapples etc. Attractive yellow coloured toys like racing cars, teddy bears, dolls, balls, balloons, flying discs, flowers and  made the learning environment was created. Cheerful children  attired in paper sunflower. To make  children the understand about the significance  of yellow colour  paper craft were conducted before  2-3 days .its significance and to develop fine motor skills in the students. They spent the day with utmost enjoyment.


24th  August   on Friday    we celebrated   Rakshabandhan in K.G  Section  in  Assembly  .   we organised    this programme   to inculcate values of brother and sister’s   love.  Girls  brought   2  Rakhi   and   the boys  brought   sweets  . The  girls   tied    Rakhi  on   the wrist  .  Celebration   continued   with  story   telling   and   songs   related   to  Rakshabandhan  I   was  a celebration   was  of   love   and    affection . there  are   62  boys   and   50   girls  in this  programme.   

Scribbling Activity

This activity was organised on 14th June 2018 . inpre primary section. Students participated energetically in this activityBoys : 69 Girls : 38 . Objective of this activity was to  enhance the writing and creativity skill of the students. In charge of the activity was Mrs.KarunaGidwani . It was an encouraging and captivating activity. The activity was accomplished nicely. All the student participated whole heartedly.


Janmashtami  was celebrated in K. .G. Section on 31st August 2018 in Assembly. All studentparticipated in this celebration This is an auspicious s festival celebrated every year joyfully. It is the birth of  the  Lord Krishna.DahiHandi  broken  by our little kids and slogan of NandGherAnandbhaio  said by all .Teacher told the childhood story of Lord Krishna . Other song also sang by all ChhotiChhotiGaiya  Participated students   Boys91 Girls : 38 .

In Charge Teacher Mrs.KarunaGidwani .

Fancy Dress Competition

Fancy Dress Competition was held on 13th August 2018 .in  pre primary section. This activity helped the students  to over comes their stage fear; bring out their inner talent give them a platform to build their self confidence and explore their inner strength. The children dressed up  as a flower ,national leader, other character. No. of Participated : girls 34 boys : 80.A couple of teacher judged the

participants .prizes were given .

Tree Plantation activity

Tree Plantation  activity was arranged on 16th July 2018 in a K. G. Section.

The process of seeds was done with the aim to demonstrate how to plants develop from seeds. The process of germination of seed was explained to the children of  Jr. K. G.  & Sr. K. G. along with practical experience.Thr children sowed a few seeds in the soil in disposable

cups and after few days students were happy to see them sprout and grow in to small plant.Boys : 89  Girls : 29 .

In chargeteacher :Mrs. K. M. Pakai

Interdistrict Tournament

In Interdistrict Tournament held at Gandhidham in Sept.2017 Sakshi was selected in Baroda team  and  the team was in third place in Gujarat. They were awarded with medals.

Open Baroda Table-Tennis Championship.

In Open Baroda Table-Tennis  Championship in Sept.2017 in Inorbit Mall. Sakshi Navani got Second position in the District Level and was awarded with Trophy and Certificate. For selection of National School Games, Sakshi attended the selection camp at Sama Sports Stadium between 18-20th Dec.2017.

Annual Sports Day

We organised Annual Sports Day from 19th Jan.2018 to 25th Jan.2018 for students of K.G. to standard XI. It was an energetic, enthusiastic programme with a variety of events including Athletics, Indoor Games ( Table-Tennis, Chess) Outdoor Games ( Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Volley-ball ) Inter-house competition, display of M.P.T.,Yoga,Aerobics, Dumb bells, Lezims, Pyramids, March Pass.  Chief Guest was Shri L.V.Karangaokar head of Gujarat Athletic Association and an ex-Olympian.  Students were awarded Trophies and Medals.

Workshop - MRID

2 teachers attended the workshop organised by M.S.U.(MRID) between 8th 11th Feb.2018  to participate in Bamboo, Glass, Metal and Block Print Workshop.

Gujarat Literature Festival

8 students and 2 teachers attended the Gujarat Literature Festival on 4th Feb.2018

Invited by Western Railway

Our school was invited by the Western Railway to paint on different social issues on 26th Jan.2018 at Pratapnagar Divisional Railway Office.  It was an amazing show of talent and creativity.

Olympiad Exams

From 10th October to 23rd Jan.with the purpose  that our students intelligence level needs to be tested. School provide opportunity to apear in different Olympiad Exams on subject G.K.,English,Science ,Maths, Company Secretaryship and Computer. 30 students also enrolled for child pordigy aptitude tests organised by "Kshity IIT Kharagpur". Students have received four Gold Medals in G.K., 2 Medals in English, 3 Medals in Science and everyone got participation Certificate. Results are still awaited.

Quqlity Concept

15 students participated in the different competition including case study on " Women Empowerment in 13th Gujarat State Level convention as organised by N.T.P.C. and Q.C.F.I on the theme Reform, perform and transform through Quality Concept on10th Feb.2018.  

Report on Science Exhibition

On 23rd Aug.2017, 14th Science, Maths and Environment Exhibition was organised by DEO Vadodara and G.C.E.R.T. Gandhinagar.  In all 64 schools participated under various sections.Vasiyani Dipesh and Sharma Nikita of Std.IX of our school participated in this exhibition under the guidance of their teacher Asnani Deepa M. They presented a working model on " Water conservation and Kitchen waste management at home". The model was quite appreciated by all.Students were given participation certification and a small gift as appreciation.

Clay Modelling - Balbhavan

Balbhavan  organised a workshop on Eco-friendly Ganesha Idol making workshop from 10 Aug. to 18 Aug. This workshop was attended by 5 participants from our school.  All participants received a participation Certificate.

Principal's and Teacher's meet by Parul University

Parul University organised a Principal's and Teahcer's meet at Hotel Express Residency on 24th Dec.2017,Sunday.  It was a discussion on "Relevance of School Education in changing trends of Higher Education."  Dr.  Rajesh Maniar and Dr.Pankaj Trivedi spoke on the subject.  It was an interesting and a knowledgable session.  Specially,  how to deal with increasing stress-level and anxiety level of students was discussed.  The meet was attended by Mr.Rajiv Israni, Mr.Pinakin Surti and Ms.Sulachhani Ailsinghani.

Medical Check up Camp

A medical check up camp was organised by the VMC from 18/12/2017 to 22/12/2017 for the children of standard I to VIII. Dr.Bhumika  Patel and Dr.Dhruvit  Patel with their team checked the health of the students.  They took height and weight, checked general health of our students.Dr.gave tips to students about how to take care of their health, about personal cleanliness etc. Sincere efforts were seen in this health check drive by the doctors from VMC and students became aware regarding several health issues.


To develop the creative talents Camel Drawing Competition was held on 25/9/2017 in our school premises.  All students from kg to 9th standard enthusiastically  participated  in it.  They had various  topics according to the groups.  Total 9 students have received certificates and gifts.

Report on Road Safety Awareness Programme

A Road Safety Awareness Programme was conducted in School  on 20th Dec.2017 by the Traffic Control Department  of our area. The aim was to focus attention on the importance of observing  traffic  rules in order to prevent accidents on the roads which take thousands of lives every year. The officers educated the children about the road safety norms and traffic awareness by showing various accident videos captured through  CCTV cameras on roads. The senior officer addressed the young generation the role they can play in reducing the number of accidents by spreading the information in society.  Students showed a high sense of awareness and also got the opportunity to learn many set of rules that are mandatory for driving. 

Science Workshop

On 12th Dec.2017 Science Workshop was held at Hotel Revival Lords Plaza conducted by Oxford University Press from 8.15 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. The workshop was  held by Ms.Vaishali Gupta, on the theme of  "Effective Techniques in Teaching  Science in classroom". It was an interactive session in which teacher learnt varilous concepts of teaching-learning process.

This workshop focussed on building science concepts through practical experiments.

Teachers Seminar

3 of  our senior teachers attended a Seminar on " Remedial Teaching" at Express Hotel organised by Parul University on 24th of Dec.2017. The teachers got a platform to exchange  ideas with academicians alongwith dissemination of information about trends and practices prevalent in professional Education.

Inter School Debate Competition

Four students were selected for an Interschool Debate Competition organized for students of Std.VII and VIII on 4th Dec.2017 at Bal-Bhavan Society, Vadodara. In all 74 students of different schools participated. Students got exposure to compete with students of other school and got a chance to improve their communication skill and confidence level. All got participation certificates. 

Teacher incharge- Miss Tamanna Asnani.

Topic - 1) Are parents and schools encouraging their children to make carrier in sports.2) Home schooling V/S.Formal School

Participants : 

1)  Karra Disha J.                     VII-A

2)  Chandwani Bhoomi D.         VII-B

3)  Motwani Mahek J.               VIII-A

4)  Nathwani Meet J.                 VIII-B

Annual Day

A vibrant 16th Annual event was staged on 15th December 2017 at Gandhinagar Gruh Hall.  Theme  was on " A glimpse of the culture of SAARC countries". Mesmerising performances by participants stunned the audiance.  Programme was integrated with technology showing clips of the culture of various nations. It was show of excellent team-work. Meritorious students were also acknowledge for their hard work by giving prizes and awards.  Chief Guest was Miss Shreya Lalwani an Alumni of IIM, Ahmedabad.

Report on Tulsi Dadi Notani Death Anniversary

Our school observe 1st death anniversary of  Tulsi Dadi on 16th November,2017. We in our school Campus  begin with the lighting of Diya  by  Guru Hansram Mahamandleshwar  followed by speeches by our trustee member Notani Sir on the life journey of Tulsi Dadi.  Our teachers and stuents sang Bhajans, Prayers and chanted Mantras on this auspicious day. We were fortunate the get the blessings of somany revered saints on this day.  Evening time "Sunderkand Path" was arranged alongwith dinner.  It was a religious function.  We paid our tribute and expressed our highest regard for our Dadiji and made committments to take her legacy forward. 

Elocution Competition

Our school had organised an Elocution Competition on 19th August for students of 5th to 9th grade.  The topic  of the debate was " Position of India in the world in 2017". Each child who participated spoke on the given topic with full enthusiasm. The idea of this competitiion was to enhance the knowledge and improve the communication  skills of the children. Such events in future will help in attaining such skills, therefore we should encourage such programmes.

Report on Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition was held at CRC Level on  28th August 2017 with the theme "Recycling of waste and waste Management". Students from many schools participated with their innovative working  models. Judges were very impressed by our presentation and appreciated the students for their novel ideas. Students from many schools came to view the projects which in turned to be a learning experience for them and us also.

English Workshop

A workshop for English teachers was organised on 17th Nov.2017 at Hotel Hampton by Hilton, Vadodara by a Private Publication House.  Mrs.Supriya Khadikar from Pune conducted a workshop  on  '21st century Approach to reading and writing in ELT'. Two teachers from our school Ms.Monika Savlani and Neeta Mangtani attended it and learnt several new methods of teaching.

Children's Day

On 14th November 2017 Children's Day was celebrated in our school in a different way.  All teachers have given surprise to children.  In morning at 8 o'clock all students and teachers gathered  on school playground. Programme begin with speech of our Principal madam. An exciting cultural function was staged.Amazing  part  of this programme was a skit that was performed by male teachers (Sirs).  After this laughter therapy programme was arranged.Students  and  all teachers enjoyed whole programme very much and all were served dellilcious fresh ladoos from Management's part.

Guru Nanak Jayanti

Guru Nanak Dev's birthday really was organised by Gurudwara on 4th Nov.2017 at 7.30 p.m. Few  students  of Std. VII to XI  joined the rally.  It was a religious function.

Field Trip

The educational trip was arranged for students Std I and II on 3rd Oct - Airport and Firebrigade, Std III to V on 4th Oct - Amul Milk Factory (Anand), Std. VI and VII on 5th Oct - Science Community Centre (Gotri), Std. IX on 6th Oct- Disaster Management (Shinor).

The object was to enhance students knowledge about different places. The students got a chance to connect classroom lessons to real life experience.

It was an interesting educational experience ajoing will delicious nasta which made the day for students.

Garba Celebration - 2017

The entire school participated the Garba Celebration with amazing zeal and enthusiasm held on 29th Sept.2017 in the school garden.  The students of all classes from Std.1 to 12 came dressed in tradiional garba attire which made for a spectacular visual treat for everyone to see and relish. The celebration started by offering  prayer to Goddess Durga. The whole atmosphere was filled with postivity and energy all around by Garbr done by students on folk songs. The childrens joy knew no bounds. Teachers joined in the festivities and played Garba with them. The students went back thrilled to revel in the festive season at home too.


The teachers day programme was held on Monday and Tuesday i.e. 4th and 5th September at school. Participants were students of I to XII. Objective was to enhance their working in team.

It was pleasing performance accomplishing with poems and songs on teachers. Captain and vice-captain with all students presented a memento to the teachers. It was applaud by all. Even teachers were made free from their work as students teachers took over the classes.

This teachers day was a splendid day for teachers and students as well.  

Khel Mahakumbh
DateEventVanueStdStudents NameResult
23/08/2017Kho - KhoPragati Krida GroundVIII to XI40 Students ParticipatedOnly participation
24/08/2017Kho - KhoPragati Krida GroundVIII to XI14 Students participatedOnly Participation
27/08/2017ChessLal Bhahadur School, KarelibaugXIIGindani Sakshi R2nd position at District level, Recieved certificate
03/08/2017Table Tennis SinglesSama indoor Stadium


Navani Sakshi P

2nd position at District level Recieved certificate

03/08/2017Table Tennis DoublesSama indoor StadiumIX

Wadhwani Kashish D.

Chandwani Diya

Radhwani Pinky

Bhvnani Gungun

2nd position at District level Recieved certificate

3rd position at District level Recieved certificate

26/08/2017Shot - PutManjalpur Sports CompetIX to XII

Hemnani Vishakha

Harchandani Khushboo

Sharma Prachi

Mulchandani Harshad

1st position at zonal level

3rd position at zonal level

3rd position at zonal level

2nd position at zonal level

Sports Report
DateEventVenueStdStudents NameResult
19/07/2017Table TennisSama Indoor StadiumIXNavani Sakshi PShortlisted for State level
28/07/2017Speed BallBaroda High School ONGCXIIHarchandani Khushboo PShortlisted for State level

International Tournament

DateEventVanueStdStudents NameResult
12/06/2017Speed BallDelhiXIIHarchandani Khushboo PShe won 1st round against Polland, got a certificate and participation Trophy

Std I to V students participated in story telling competition on Rakshabandhan, Ganesh Chatuthi and Janmashtami. They told inspiring childhood stories of Baal Ganesha and Shree Krishna and also the significance of these festivals in Hindu culture.

In Assembly they told variety of the stories and informed all about our great and grand culture. They were ranked by the judges on the ground of their elouaey and manners of presentation. All the participants of the competition were encouraged greatly by the teachers and the students.


On 4th September, 2017 an inspirational talk was delivered by our guest Mr. Suhas Phadke, a retired Bank officer, lecturer and Yoga-Ayurveda Trainer. Mr. Suhas had delivered a motivational speech regarding KARGIL VIJAY GATHA with all realistic incidents and facts of that war. Students of classes IX to XII had attended the lecture with keen interest and gained inspiration regarding heroism of our brave soldiers sacrifices, courage and bravery. Students were left mesmerized knowing the hardship of Indian at the border to give their ‘Todays for ours tommorrow’.      


Magic show was organized for std I to IX on 24th August 2017. Students were very excited to see different magics and enjoyed thoroughly. This activity gave them relief from the monotonous school routine.


On 13th August 2017, the school celebrated the 71th Independence Day by organizing various events in school. This was an attempt to imbibe the values of patriotism in the students and so all the students participated enthusiastically.

The celebration started with a inspiring speech given by our respected principal madam Mrs. Nandita Roy. It was followed by dialogue on patriotic heroes along with fancy dress. Students sung patriotic songs. The songs were very melodious and sung with high spirits. A very inspiring Gujarati speech was given by a student of STD XI. A wonderful performance of script, song accompanied by a dance was staged by the students of std XI. Last we end the celebration by the speech of our vice principal sir. All students were filled with patriotic fervor.   


A seminar for English language teaching was conducted in our school on 31st July 2017 by Mrs. Pinky Kumar Asst. Prof. in Parul Institute. She told us about the current needs of English language teaching in 21st century and also briefed us about the different methods of teaching. She gave us the information about the course of Masters in English Language Teaching which will be very beneficial for those teachers who are willing to teach English to students.


4 students were selected for an Interschool Quiz Competition organized for students of std- VII and VIII on 18thJuly, 2017 at Bal Bhavan Soc. Vadodara. In all 45 schools participated. Students were seen in high spirit. They gained knowledge and exposure to compete with students of other school. All got participation certificates.


The career counseling programme by Mr.Raju Dube and Mr.Mukesh Pareek was arranged for students of std- X, XI and XII on 15th July, 2017 in our school. Our purpose was to guide the students to take right decision on choosing the stream for their career. The invited guests made the session very interesting with detail discussion on career options. Their lecture made an impression on the students mind and students resonated lively.


We conducted PTA meeting on 12th July, 2017 with parents to discuss about our current objectives, fee structure, achievements, plan and policies of our school. We invited their views, opinions and got their feedback. Their response was positive and vowed to support school in its growth and development plan. Some constructive suggestions were noted to work upon.


Indoor games area was inaugurated on 10th July, 2017. Such a spacious area will give opportunity to students to do more practice in sports and enhance their skill. Also the space can be used for MPT, Yoga and other activities. With prayer and shloka chanting from Bhagwat Geeta, we follow the culture of taking blessings from the Almighty whenever we do amything new.


The Felicitation programme – 2016-17 batch was held on 18th July, 2017 at 11.00 am. with prayer by students choir group. Appreciating students and teachers for their stellar performance Trophies and cash awards were given to top 3 rankers in standard X and XII, subject toppers in respective classes. Special acknowledgment awards were given to students who scored 100/100 in Accountancy subject. Cash awards were also given to teachers Mr. Pinakin Surti, Mr. Rajiv Israni and Ms. Deepa Asnani for their contribution to get good score. Such programmes  motivates other talented students to aim high and pursue relentlessly their goals.


Hari Shewa I.B. English Academy believes in all round development of the students. To develop the leadership qualities amongst the students, every year school forms the student council. On 16th June, 2016 we have formed the students council which includes captain, vice captain, house captain, prefects and monitors. This team actively supports our school in maintaining the discipline. We wish them all the best. 


Our school assembly is held class wise twice in a week and house wise once in a month. It is well planned activity in which every student participates. Selection of topics is based on important days, events, etc. It acts as a platform for the students to display their talents and present themselves as confident individuals. Participation develops the feeling of unity, loyalty towards school, sense of patriotism and discipline among them.      


On 28th June, 2017, a rally was taken out from Prem Prakash Ashram Warasiya, Vadodara, in order to celebrate the birth anniversary of Swami Teoonram Sahib. Two teachers from our school Ms. Tamanna Asnani and Mrs. Hema Chandwani along with students of std VII ans VIII took part in this rally. The students were excited to be a part of this religious function. Students gained knowledge about sindhi saints and their virtues. 


PTA meeting was held on 19th, 20th, and 21st June, 2017 from 8.30 to 12 at seminar hall. Parents of std I to XII students attended the meeting. The objective was to develop strong links between home and school and to highlight school’s achievements in academics, sports and activities. Objectives of current year were also discussed. Complains, suggestions and views of parents were taken and addressed. Attendance of parents showed remarkable increase this year, reflecting their interest in their child’s education, growth and development. Power point presentation was shown by English teachers to show the proper use of technology in the learning process.  


Harwani Bhoomika of std X participated in National Science Seminar on 6th July, 2017. Seminar was organized by Science and Community Center on the topic “Swachh Bharat: Role of Science and Technology Promises and Challenges.” She gave an impressive performance, under the guidance of her teacher Ms. Deepa Asnani and was among the top seven candidates of premier schools of Vadodara.  


On 28th May, 2017 at Akota-Dandia Bazar flyover, 10,000 peoples gathered to participate in clean Vadodara Movement. In this event our teachers and students participated enthusiastically and took an oath for neat and clean Vadodara. Our city Vadodara made an entry in the Guinness book of world records. City Mayor Shri Bharat Dangar and other prominent personalities presence made the event a memorable one.


On 28th July, 2017, bhajan competition was organized to pay tribute to Baba Hariram Sahib on his 70th death anniversary. Students of std- VI, VII and VIII participated in this function and sang soulful bhajans. The participants were supported by Soneji Sahil of std- VII B on table, Dasani Bhavesh of std- VII A on Manjira(cymbals) and Udhwani Mohit of std- VIII B on Flute. The winners of the competition were:-

1st      Gyanchandani Simran      VIII B

2nd      Hemnani Shweta              VII B

3rd      Bhambani Gun                   VII B


Hari Shewa I.B. English Academy celebrated International Yoga Day on 21st June, 2017 in the school premises. Programme started with Gayatri Mantra. Later students of std VI to VIII performed different aasanas under the guidance of their yoga teacher Ms. Hema Manghrani like Bhadraasan, Chakraasan, Vrajraasan, Meditation, etc. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that helps us to live a better, fulfilling life. It keeps us fit and fine. Students participated with zeal and gusto and became aware of the usefulness of yoga.  

Annual function

In a nutshell, annual function is the most important event in the schhol calendar. On 21st feb, kg section organized the annual function at the school’s playground. Spectacular dances inspired by fun making and enjoyable rhymes were performed by the tiny toddlers on the stage. It was commenced on 5:00 PM with the prayer and after lighting of pious lamp, dances presentations were performed.

Principal madam’s extempore speech encouraged everyone. The whole function gave much delight to the audience. Grandparents of the children also graced the occasion. Patriotic dance song was also performed by the children. The programme came to a close with the national song.

That were the well planned and pleasant memories of the annual function…

Sports day

Sports day was a splendid occasion for children to showcase their speed and agility on the field. Physical education has a great role in the personality development of children through sport activities. There is always a chance of building up a positive relationship between psychological development and involvement in physical activities. Skills that are picked up during physical education and sports have a big impact on the holistic growth of child.

On 25th january annual sports day held in our school’s playground. There were variety of games for our little children like running race, zigzag race, hurdle race, roll the mat, passing through the ring, traffic light game, balance on one foot game, Langadi etc. All the games were enjoyed by the children. It was really enthusiastic for kg. kids….


An informative and interesting exhibition was held on 21st January 2017 in our school. By such exhibitions kids become able to develop the learning skill and encourage the students to think out of the box and become creative –inventive. The children got an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence. The children have a variety of topics for their recitation like Nature, Trees, flowers, stories, Monuments of India, Greetings with a lot of enthusiasm. It got an overwhelming response both by the children as well as the guardians.

Rhymes competition

Rhymes not only develop speaking skill but also help express their feelings through facial expressions and gestures. Students participated in eng rhyme competition.


National Service Scheme, Faculty of Social work has organised an essay competition on Dr.Ambedkar at Maharaja Sayajirao University on 23rd  February 2017. It was an initiative by the Govt. Under  National Servic e Scheme to prepare the Youth for employment.Three girls of std.XI from our school participated. The students expressed their views. On existing inequality and discrimination in our society, Women empowerment. It enhanced their potential in expression of thoughts on Babasaheb and tested their writing skills.


An interhouse General Knowledge quiz competition of Std.V & VI season - II was arranged in the school campus on 27th Feb.2017 at 10.30 a.m. Participantsparents were invited. The Incharge teachers were Mrs.Uma Bhagchandani, Mrs.Nisha Chhatani and Mrs.Amita Subudhi. Every round was a mixed bag of questions from languages,sports, science, vocabulary and current affairs.Red House won the competition and certificate and prizes were given to them by their parents.Also certificates were given to participants of three houses.It was very informative and enrich our knowledge.Students participated with gusto and real and got an exposure to the quiz competition using advanced tecchnology. 


Projects were given to class VI,VII,VIII, students from their course. Projects are given to do research and survey of different topics and present it. Students keenly participated collected information from different books, internet and used different other sources to get detailed information. Following students are selected : 

1. Shweta Hemnani

2.Sahil soneji

3.Yogesh Yadav

4.Kashish Takhtani

5.Gun Bhambhani

6.Mahek Sachdev

7.Sanjana Gindani

8.Nidhi Rohra

9.Kamal Abhichandani

10. Hesha Parwani.


The Science project topics were given to students of Std.VI,VII,VII related their syllabus.  The objective of giving the project was to enhance learning and understanding the concepts of science more easily and clearly.  All the students had participated with great interest and some of them had done amazingly good work.

Inter House G.K.Quiz Competition

The Inter House G.K. Quiz Competition Season II of std.Vth to VIIIth was held on 27th Feb.2017 in the Seminar Hall. It was a game of mind,intellect, interest power and joy. This competition was held to encourage students to look beyond their textual knowledge and to establish a relationship between theory and application of the Learning Concept.  The Competition was held under the guidance of tachers, Mrs.Amita Subudhi, Mrs.Nisha Chhatani and Mrs.Uma Bhagchandani. It was a captivating performance bythe students. Parents were also invited.  Blue House was the winner and Green House was the runner up in it. Winners and Runner-up were given prizes. 

Report on English Drama

On 27/2/2017, an English play was organised with a veiw to explore the hidden talent and to promote the English speaking skills among students. The drama was performed by the studetns of std.III and IV on the story,' The scholars Mother Tongue' from the famous series of stories of Akbar and Birbal. All the parents and students present over their enjoyed the play very much and students got an opportunity to show their dramatic skills.

DateEventsVenueStd.Students NameResult
27/2/2017Shot put




XI girls

VIII boys

Hemnani Vishakha

Sharma Prachi

Mangtani Harsh

1st Position Gold Medal achieved

IIIrd Position Bronze Medal Achieved

IIIrd Position Bronze Medal Achieved






XIth girls

Sharma Prachi

Mangtani Manisha

IInd Position Silver medal acheieved

IIIrd Position Bronze Medal Achieved


Discuss Throw

1000 mts Race



IXth Boys

VIIIth girls

Wadhwani Dhiraj

Hemnani Vishakha

IIIrd Position Bronze Medal Achieved

IIIrd Position Bronze Medal Achieved


Open Gujarat 



Unnati Skatting


IXthGolani Jaysheel

Ring Race 500m.

IIIrd Position Bronze Medal Achieved

ring race 1000 m.

IIIrd Position Bronze Medal Achieved

" Commerce Club Quiz Competition "

The "Commerce Club" of  (Intel) of Faculty of Education and Psychology department of M.S. University organised Intel School Competition on 13/2/2017. Two students of class XII participated and they cleared 1st round and they were in 5th position out of 16 schools of Vadodara. In this quiz student get the exposure of commerce field and learn new thing like business tycoon, logo and tag line. Student participate whole heartedly in this quiz competition. In charge teacher was Pinakin Surti.

Farewell Programme

The farewell programme was held on 18th Feb 2017 on Saturday at Seminar Hall.Participants were students of class XI and std.XII. There was a short cultural programme and momento was given to stdard XIIth students.

Student of std.XII were very emotional in this  bid adieu programme. They got nostalgic while remembering their long journey in their school.Juniors and teachers wished them and showered choicest blessings for their bright future.It was an interesting programme which resonated with feelings and deep bounding for school. 

Online Olympaid Exam

Online Olympiad second level was held from 17/2 to 27/2 in our school premises by Eduheal Olympiad Foundation. 

40 students were selected for our school who participated for this exam in the second round.

The objective behind this exam was to bring out the subject knowledge in the students.

It was very gladdening to watch that our upper Primary students appeared for the online test for the first time and palpable excitement among the students was felt.

Students who appeared for the first round were presented with medals.


Gujarat State Level 12th convention was held on 7th February 2017 by Quality Circle Forum India at Hotel Surya Palace Vadodara.

Two girls Sakshi Lulla and Pallavi Bhavnani of std XI participated on Elocution competition. The topic was ‘ Honesty- Quality of Life’. The incharge teacher was Mrs. Rana Syed. The objective was to enhance oratory Skills. It was a captivating performance by Sakshi Lulla. She got second prize. Pallavi Bhavnani was also awarded with gold medal and certificate.

It was an amazing experience to perform among many schools of Gujarat State. Surat, Bharuch, Anand and Vadodara. 


The Open Baroda Scrabble Competition was held on Saturday 4th of February 2017 from 3.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m at Bal Bhavan. Participants were students of std V and VI, girls Harwani Palak, Vasandani Muskan, Rohara Nidhi and Jiya participated as a team. Objective was to enhance their word building capacity and working in team. Incharge teachers were Hema Chandwani and Rashmi Birjani.

    It was an enthusiastic performance by Harwani Palak and Vasandani Muskan. Students participated in high spirit. Participants were given certificates. 


Bal Bhavan has organized an Open Baroda Art Competition event for children of Std:- I to X on Sunday 29th January 2017. The competition was supported by the Gujarat New Era Education Trust. Our school participated in this event along with many schools. Fourteen students from our school participated. There were four groups and the topic was given on the spot. Topics were:-





Certificates were awarded to students. From our school “MAMTA SHARMA” from STD IV B stood 1st prize in group 2.


Annual sports day is the most awaited day in school curriculum. We believe inside a healthy body resides a healthy mind so different sport activities are arranged in our school every year. This year we celebrated sports day from 16th Jan to 23rd Jan whole week the school play ground was filled with great zeal and excitement. Different house wise competition of outdoor games were Kho-Kho, Kabbaddi, Javelin throw, Rely, Badminton, Running Race, Volly Ball, Speed Ball, Cricket and Speed ball  were arranged. There were also indoor games like Table Tennis, Chess and Carom. Final sports day was observed on 23rd Jan the chief guest was Mr. S. Rajan product manager from Reliance industry. The students of a four houses displayed a wide range of colorful events such as yoga, lazim and aerobics. They mesmerized the audience with their energetic performance. At last principle madam and chief guest appreciated the efforts of the students by felicitating them with medals and trophies. The house sprit was in the air.  


An art and craft exhibition was organized on 23rd January 2017 in our school SEMINAR HALL. Our main motto was “BEST FROM WASTE”. It got an overwhelming response both by children, parents and guardians. The event saw huge participation of students. Beautiful art and craft work was on display. Parents were also invited. The exhibition was appreciated by the guests and parents. Various art work made from paper plate, CD, paper cup, ice-cream sticks, socks, frame work, plastic glass, paintings and many more were on display. Plastic bottle hanging, plastic glass lighting, newspaper Mache and mosaic painting. A good response and feedback was given by parents. 


Our school took an initiative to provide Aadhar card for every student forsocial security. A person was called in school to avoid inconvenience for the parents.The project was completed even before official circular came in school for aadhar.


Hari Shewa IshwaribhaiBuxani English Academy received award on “Swaach Bharat Abhiyan” from the hands of city Mayor Mr. Bharat Dangar in presence of honourable Governor of Gujarat Mr. O.P. Kohli on 29th March, 2016 at Akota Sayaji Nagar Gruh Ground. The hall was packed with invitees of the society, press, media, prominence citizens and politicians. Our efforts were acknowledged and trophy was accepted by our respected Principal Mrs. Nandita Roy. It is indeed a proud and memorable moment for all of us