President’s Message :

It is real moment of gratification for me that the eight issue of “Kalpavruksh” is ready. I strongly believe that every student   is a unique person with his or her own set of abilities, needs  and aspiration. We at Hari shewa I.B. English   Academy are committed to bring out that uniqueness.

              We firmly believe that education should foster confidence, discipline,  clarity in thought and decision making ability to set and achieve goals. The replica of our belief  is manifested in every page of this  issue.

            I wish you all the success for the future. I congratulate the entire team of Hari Shewa for their best efforts in bringing out this edition.

Best wishes to all.

Shri. U.P. Golani


Secretary’s Message :

I am very happy to note that our dedicated team of teachers & supporting staff have been making valuable contribution in the field of education & other various activities e.g Sports/ Debates/ Science project/ Drawing-etc.

We want that education by which character is formed, Strength of mind is increased, the intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one’s feet. It’s good to see that our team continue to work on these fundamental principles & strive to provide each student with a conducive environment to accomplish his/her goals and mould into competent and socially responsible citizen of the society.

Further it gives me great pleasure to note that most of the proactive measures taken by our team are giving good results to ensure that our school gives its students the best overall quality education in the most congenial and healthy environment. Technology aided learning is an integral part of the school curriculum. A well-equipped computer laboratory & Seminar hall have helped knowledge to go beyond the confines of the class room. As a matter of fact we maintain a high level of computerization.

All infrastructural changes were possible due to the continuous efforts of the members of the School Managing Committee, the Principal/ Teachers, staff and the administrative team at the school who have in response to the emerging needs and co-operation of the guardians brought about this transformation in the school.

I look forward to the combined support of all the stakeholders to ensure that with God’s blessings on our team continue to provide quality education to all our students.

I take this opportunity to thank each individual, past and present members and well-wishers, who are involved with the development and progress of the Trust. Without their committed support and sustained efforts we could not have achieved so much. I also convey my best wishes & blessings to our students in their future activities. I am grateful to the Almighty for making us the instrument in this noble field of education and pray that he gives us golden years to accomplish all our endeavors for the progress of the society in general and the community in particular.


(Rachna Chainani)


Principal’s Message :

Dear Readers ,

Congratulation to all of you in being a contributor in the progress of our school and being a participant in its journey of crossing 50th year millstones of its establishment.

With the presentation of 8th issue of annual school magazine, I am deeply over whelmed to announce the start of golden jubilee of our school campus. I warmly congratulate to all of you in being a participant in the long journey of 50 yrs of our school campus

It all started in 1968 with a pioneer team of few visionaries shri U.P.Golani, late shri Nanalal Choksi, late Dr. Hukumatrai Karmchandani, late Dadi Tulsi Notani, late shri Lokumal Notani, late shri Harchandani Vazirani, late sh Purshotam Israni and many others.

This Journey commenced under the blessing of Rev Puj Baba Shewaram Baba Hariram Saheb with Sole objective of providing quality education to all students with focus on girls education.

Parents faith and the spirit of service of all associated with our school has remained the strength of our education campus since inception. Today we provide education to more them 1400 students every year.

The standard of education, the discipline, character building of the students and its achievements in academic field and other extra curricular has been very outstanding . Our Board results are excellent and mostly our students get rank in ” Top 10″ at city or state level and because of our consistent 100% board results our schools are now rated in ” Top 25″ of Vadodara district.

The school does not stress only an academic but on overall balanced development of the students. It offers all the opportunities and best training to the students to the participate in various intra and inter school at city, state and national level.

Every where our students have shown excellence and grabbed many awards. This golden jubilee has been a boon in the run of awards at various levels.

Our sincere gratitude to our present team of trustee’s Dada U.P.Golani, shri Lachhman Notani , shri Purshotam Sharma, Mrs. Rachna chainani,  Dr. Sunil Golani  Shri Ashok Nihlani  for the their continuous support,

Special thanks to our parents and guardians for their trust on our team. Last but not least, I thank the teaching and non teaching staff for their dedicated services.

We still have a long way to go together. This is not end of our journey. We as a team of H.S.I.B.Eng Academy are committed to carry further the spirit and mission of our pioneer visionaries to its fullest heights.

Thanking you,


Sulachhini .G. Ailsinghani,