Hari Shewa School managed by “Navbharat Educational Trust” from last 3 decades animated & committed in to Education segment. Presently in 2013 allied with “Akhil Bhartiya Prakritik Chikitsa Parishad” Registered under the Societies Act XXI 1860 in the year 1956.

Naturopathy is getting increasingly popular in all countries. Even in western countries the education of naturopathy is greatly emphasized. Today’s chaotic lifestyle demands not just your time but most of your Health & Happiness. With less than little time to spare for the fitness of your mind, body and soul, a number of lifestyle disorders and painful intensity of stress sneak into ours life, resulting in an unhappy routine and exhausted lifestyle.

Naturopathy is a field of health care that works with, and not against standard allopathic health care providers, such as medical doctors. The values of Naturopathy are to work with the carcass, to assist it in its natural talent to restore and maintain health. Healings are natural and non-invasive and include lifestyle changes, dietary modifications; herbal remedies and in some cases other harmonizing procedures including massage, acupuncture or aroma therapy.