Arya Sunita

सबसे Best School

सबसे Best Teachers

सबसे Best Madem….
इनके जैसा न कोई है ना कोई होगा..

I feel proud to be the student of Hari Shewa School..!!


Veena Hiranandani

I was lucky to be a student at “Hari Shewa“. The teachers made sure every class was fun, educational and interactive. Under the gentle guidance of our Principal “Dadi Tulsi K Notani” we received all the help and encouragement we needed, either with our studies or daily life issues.

Hari Shewa helped me grow up with a positive attitude, developed my interpersonal skills & made me a better person in every respect. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have achieved without the caring environment of my school.

Laxmi Jeswani

I’m proud to have been a student of only Sindhi girls school.
I still remember the great ease with which teachers used to clear our concepts and the scintillating style in which they taught:
Be it maps by Jaitley teacher, grammar by Vandna teacher or maths by Ratna teacher.
Apart from strong academics, the lively extra curricular activities scene helped develop various life skills. Diverse competition such as NCC,sports, dance, mythological dramas, debate and essay writing shaped our personality.
The positive atmosphere created due to message giving stories on honesty and trust by Chandra teacher and the enchanting weekly bhajans by Shobha teacher put foundation pillars of morality and character.
Above all, the daily reciting of 1 “pauri” of Japji sahib  after recess and “Jana Gana Mana” before leaving school, is something I still yearn.


Bhavesh Agnani

Harishewa School hik ehdo Mandir ho asanje laye jite asan na sirf padhai kahi aaye, par gado gad penhje jeevan jo hik sunharo waqt bitayo ahe. Uhe class rooms, uhe green boards, uha canteen, teachers, assembly har hik shaye yaad ahe. Aj ma jenh bi mukam te pahuto ahiya, munhji teachers ji badolat, munhje school ji badolat. Thanks to Harshewa school.

Bhavna Brahmkhatri

The values imparted at the school by our beloved Dadi Tulsi and other teachers have helped me immensely in my journey. I studied at Hari Shewa Vidyalaya right from primary to high school.

I completed BBA and M.Com from MS University and started my career at a multinational company in marketing division. After marriage, I continued my career in UK and later in Canada and gained experience and qualifications in the field of HR . I now work as a HR Leader at a National level company in Vancouver, Canada.

Best wishes and regards to teachers and students on the occasion of school reunion (I will miss being part of it), have a rollicking time …


Saroj Motiani

DOB 19.07.1979
12TH: 1996
CA:MAY 2004

After 12th I joined CA foundation along with B.Com. After completing articleship training I joined CA firm and was going for consultancy in ABB. After becoming CA I joined a Mfg. co Sterling Biotech Ltd as Assistant Manager in 2004. Since then I am with sterling only right now working as GM Accounts with a good package and car allotment by co.


Dr. Chetna Rochwani

I thanks to my parents for admitting me in Hari Shewa School for my basic education of life. Lots of thanks to our beloved tulsi mam for her motivation , morals and values imparted by her .. her words always been source my inspiration. I cant forget her speech that keeps on roaring in my ears that “hin vidhyalaya jo hik hik baar etro adarsh thi nikrando jo penje kutumb jo ,penje samaj jo, penji kom jo n penje desh jo naalo roshan kando.” I feel proud to be a student of this school.

I have completed schooling upto 10th standard from this school only . Then entered in science stream at lal bahadur shastri high school with help of dear neelam agnani one of the seniors of ths school only. Aftr 12th science i completed my BHMS- bachelor of Homoeopathic medicine & surgery in 2009. After that completed MD in homoeopathy in may, 2014. Currently working as an assistant professor at Baroda Homoeopathic medical college & hospital. And practising classical homoeopathy at swami sarvanand hospital warashiya since 2009.


Asha Rochani

HARI SHEWA SCHOOL is the best School where various lessons of life were also taught. Daily Prayers, honesty, multiple competitions, great fight for women to be an independent entity is all about HARI SHEWA SCHOOL only. Discipline, motivation, encouragement, inspiration came from Our DADI TULSI NOTANI only.

I Joined HARI SHEWA SCHOOL from 8th Standard & completed schooling up to 12th standard in 1998.  I Completed Masters in HR and
Masters in Social Work. I Started My Career iwith very small trading company as a Receptionist. And Currently working with One of the Multinational Company from Spain as a  ” HR – MANAGER”.