Gods Greatness

Khemcahndani Heena L. (XII A)

I happened to see a dream
Where I saw our dreadful future,
There were no trades,no fairs,
Because of the polluted air.
There’s nothing in cursing the fate,
But check youself and your mate,
Do not throw polythenes around
Do not dirty the children’s playground.
Do not throw litter everywhere,
Make your neighbours also aware,
Do not pollute water,
Do not pollute the lakes and rivers.
Because of the polluted water we drink
Our bodies and minds shrink
It acts very slow,
But once and for all
It gives a mighly blow.
Rethink and recreate,
Recycle and reforest,
Review and remember,
About this fearful dream
Once and for all stop it,
And let the guiding flame be it,
And then thinking of our future
Will not bring scream,
And no longer will there be
Fearful dreams.


Chainani Manisha G.(IXth A)

Though you are out of our sight God,
Yet strange & woundrous you are lord.
I see your pomp & power every where,
But I do get lost in illusion here & there.
The drops of early morn show your activity,
The multi coloured fauna & flora your beauty.
Forever you pervade the infinite sky,
Illumine the morn & stars shining high.
Ever astounding is your illusion,
The entire universe thy creation.
The branches are moved by the breeze,
The sea waves with their songs do tease.
They are born from the ocean’s lap,
you demystify earth’s confused map.
Your love is nothing but Amrit of life,
your powers limitless and beyond life.
Your greatness is praise worthy,
None dare ignore or show apathy.
Lord you are never, ever the same,
Changing garbs, you play every game.
You keep your kinship with one and all,
You help us to progress, prevent our full.
There is no place where you do not exist,
How’d the foolish man understand this.
Let me not forget thee,remember you ever,
my lord my God,and my bread provider.
Though you are apparently invisible,
within my hearth, to me ever visible.


Value of Prayers

Kamra Jacky G. (XIIth A)

As prayers go up blessings come down!!
A prayers is on instrument or a link that keeps us connected with God. It is art of conversing with God. Its need is stressed for in all holy books.
All religions teach people the art of praying to God. Prayers are of two types first the silent one with meditation and feeling one with the your soul and the other of recitation.
Reciting Gods name again and again means confirming his presence in our midst and understanding our dependency on the Holy one,
Recitation does not make prayers mechanical. On the contrary they surround us being with the glory of God.
Prayers do not cost anything but reap long term benefits. They give us internal peace,joy, freedom from depression, tensions and fear. There is no fixed forfmula or method for praying they have to come from within.
Offering prayers should be tought from childhood by ones parents to inculcate spiritualism rather than religion in the minds of the young children.
Praying is more advisable than going to soothsayers, tantriks or just believing in fate and destiny and not doing anything for self help.
When we are down and depressed prayers are our guilding force. When we do well,prayers can be our way of saying thank you to God for what he has done for us. When we fail we should pray to God to give us the strength to tide over come the difficult times.
Prayers provide encouragement and confidence. It can be practiced by all at all times. It is important to teach children to pray as it isnice and important virtue and a wealth that can remain permanent.
A happy and satisfied man is one who never prays for gifts or favours from God but for his grace & blessing which can help us find the right path to live our lives.
It is beautifully said in the Holy Books.
Knock and the door shall be opened
Seek and you shall find
Ask and you shall receive – this is the power of prayers.