(1968 – 2018)
Golden Jubilee evokes life giving memories. It is a time to rejoice. It is a time
to look back with gratitude to the almighty God and to look ahead with enthusiasm,
trust and confidence.

As we review the history of 50 years, we have enough reason to thank God
for all the blessings our trust has received. Truly, much has been achieved and are
committed to do the best in all time to come.

Let me start first by paying my respects to departed souls of Respected Sh
Nanalal Chokshi , Dr Hukumatrai Karamchandani , Dadi Tulsi Notani , Sh Lokumal
Notani , Sh Harchandrai Vazirani , Sh Purshotam Israni & many others who were
with me in 1968 as pioneers of this well thought initiative. We all under the
blessings of Rev Puj Baba Shewaram Baba Hariram Sahab (Hari Shewa Dham –
Bhilwara) started journey with sole objective of providing quality education to all
students with Focus on Girls’ education.

Parents faith, the spirit of service of the Trustee members, Principals & 
members of the teaching & Non teaching staff has remained the strength of our
education campus since inception. We grew from strength to strength every year
and today Hari Shewa education campus provides education to more than
1400 students every year.

The standard of education, the discipline, character building of the students
it’s achievements in academic field & other extra curricular activities has been
very outstanding. Our Board results are excellent & mostly our students get rank in
“TOP 10” at City or State level and because of our consistent 100% board
results our schools are now rated in “TOP 25” of Vadodara district.

We have taken special care to impart home science & craft education to girl
students & has laid special emphasis on this subject so that girls coming out of our
schools are fully equipped to discharge their duties & responsibilities in their
changed status as women in the family life.

Ex Students of our Campus have shown their excellence in different fields in
India & Abroad and today they are one of our our strength to carry the task ahead.

We need to carry out the good work which we began in year 1968 with
same dedication and commitment & On this significant occasion of our Golden
Jubilee, my heart is filled with thanks giving to Mahamandleshwar Swami Hansram
Gangaram Sahab, late Baba Parsram Sahab, late Swami Ashok Prakashji Maharaj
& all saints for their continued blessings , my present team of trustees Sh
Lachhman Notani , Sh Purshotam Sharma , Mrs Rachna Chainani , Dr Sunil Golani
, Sh Ashok Nihalani , Principal madams Mrs Rekha lalchandani,Ms Sulachhini Ailsinghani , Head
Master Mrs Jyoti Thakore , Mrs Hema Chandwani ,Office head Mrs Manisha Jaswani , All teaching & Non
teaching staff members and to all our Donors , Well Wishers and Collaborators,
who over the years have labored with love for our students and for the people

I am sure that this campus will prove to be on top of ranking charts in the
years to come and will continue to excel in academic education and will bring out
highly talented students who will transform India to a competitive country in world.
May the God abundantly strength then and support us in the years ahead so
that this education campus continues to radiate the power of Knowledge for all time
to come.

End my message with Best wishes to one & all !!!

(U P Golani)