Principal’s Message

The following message for the student community in this magazine is note worthy. The very message must be implemented by each student in order to get success with flying colours.

“Students, you must study sincerely and seriously for progress and prosperity in life.

Simple living and high thinking should be the goal of your life. In other words, simplicity and sincerity in any field are the real gems of life. Avoid the foul company and make permanent friendship with best “Books” and “Ideal persons”. Remember books are never ending friends. They lead you from darkness to light. An ideal company will make you great personalities and high dignitaries of the world one day. Guardians must keep the vigilant eye on their children to check their note-books and company from time to time. They must treat with them psychologically as well as tactfully.

Finally I will suggest you to keep your self  with full knowledge. In this world person is blind without education & knowledge

Mrs. Rekha. N Lalchandani